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Post Jam Update Build (2021-11-28): This new build includes some missing voice audio for Melody, a few UI improvements, some additional environment art, some additional character animations, some more VFX, revised logic for key conversations around campsite, and a few bug fixes.

This is a game jam project for the Seattle Indies Slow Jam 2021.

The story of four travelers forced onto an undeveloped planet by a power magic storm passing through the Star Stream.

You are one of these travelers. Explore the area to find the other travelers and convince them to gather at your makeshift outpost to wait out the storm and make repairs to your ships.


  • Movement: W-A-S-D or Arrow Keys / Xbox Controller Left Thumbstick
  • Menu Nav: Arrow Keys / Xbox Controller Left Thumbstick
  • Interaction & Jump: Spacebar / Xbox Controller A Button
  • Dash: Left Shift / Xbox Controller X Button


UE4 Implementation, VFX, Design - William Hodge, https://ghostbear7.itch.io/

Art, Design - Nick Amlag, https://nicknameless.itch.io/

Writing - Amorphous, https://amorphic.space/

Music by Trent Moriarty, https://www.TrentMoriarty.com

Voice of Melody - Keely Smith, https://www.keelysmithactress.com/

Voice of Ash - Savy Des-Etages, https://soundofsavy.com/

Voice of Magus - Jordan Semrow, https://www.JordanSemrowVO.com

Marketplace Sound Effects: 


Post Jam Update Build (added missing voice audio, various fixes, some art update 169 MB

Install instructions

Unzip the file and run the Detour.exe.

Development log


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This is so awesome! Had a blast bringing all the stranded travelers together- the upgrades are neat and it was cool to use them to explore different areas of the map. The atmosphere is really cool and I loved the campfire moments! :) 

Thank you for checking out the new build! It is great to hear you enjoyed it.

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